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Landscaping and Stonework

wet area landscaping with rock mulch

Pool side landscaping

landscape with faux rock creek drainage

Landscape using Faux Creek

for Drainage

Stone edging

Stone edging added

to landscaping

corkscrew willow, water loving tree

Corkscrew Willow

Rock used to clear

muddy parking space

Stone Landscaping

with Pavers

Landscaping with Faux Creek and free style stone edging

Irrigation and Bees

Lazutin Horizontal Bee Hive

Pool side drip for new landscaping

Battery Controller for Faucet

Creature Chew marks on Drip Pipe

Frames in a Lazutin Bee Hive

Rainwater Catch Basin

Micro Drip in a Raised Bed

New Drip Pipe in Landscape Bed


Sod with center ditch for drainage

Sod with channel for drainage

Landscape with Faux Rock Creek providing Drainage

Landscape using Faux Creek for Drainage

French Drain

Drainage Pipe in Rock

We use natural concepts to incorporate drainage into our landscaping.

We also install French Drains with pipe and basins.

Holiday and Seasonal Lighting

Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights 10 2023.jpg

Halloween Lighting

Starburst in front of trees and sky.jpg

LED Starburst

Multi Lights with Starburst.jpg

Multi Color lighting

with Starburst

Halloween Lights

Candy Cane Holiday Lights 2023.jpg

Candy Cane Lighting

We offer multiple designs, sizes, colors and placement of Holiday Lights and Holiday Decorations.

In addition, we offer various holiday color change-outs for year-round displays


Landscape Lighting

Backyard Landscape Lighting

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