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About Us

Web Permaculture is an organization committed to improving our world by applying regenerative design techniques to each space while mimicking nature's patterns.  Permaculture is a clean and green way to provide food for humans and our pollinator friends, the bees.  Irrigation provides precious water to support those plants in an energy and water conserving way.  Drainage keeps your property and landscaping free from overflow.  Landscape Lighting highlights the beauty you have created with your Landscaping.


Tina Wolf is our Licensed Irrigator (LI0023877), Keeper of Bees, Certified Permaculture Designer and Texas Master Gardener.

Keeping Bees

We build our own Lazutin Hives.  These are stationary, natural beekeeping, horizontal, extra deep hives.  They are 4 inches thick with insulation, a frame, siding and a roof of corrugated metal. They are painted mild pastel colors with contrasting designs so the bees can identify their home.  The lighter colors are used because the bees aren't too fond of darker hues.  These hives are located in Celina, TX. 

Clean water is supplied to the bees by ponds and supplemented, if necessary, with a rain water catch watering system.  We seed bomb the fields with pollinator nectar flower seeds and the fields bloom with assorted native wildflowers.


Community Involvement

Web Permaculture is involved with a number of community projects. We added drip irrigation fed by hose to the Melissa Food Pantry Garden in Melissa, Texas.  Tina participates on the Texas Master Gardner Irrigation Team at the Research Gardens at Myer's Park (pictured) in McKinney, TX.  She also donated her time as a Licensed Irrigator (TCEQ LI0023877) to design and install the original irrigation for the McKinney Roots garden for the food insecure.

Tina is an Affiliate of and supports their Permaculture Playing Cards by providing access here.  She also supports the Permaculture lifestyle by providing access to Paul Wheaton's books "Building A Better World in your Backyard".  

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